Recovering Lost Wages and Income that Result from an Auto Accident

After fault is established in an automobile accident personal injury claim, your injury attorney must prove that as a result of the other person’s negligence you have suffered losses (more commonly referred to as an auto accident victim’s personal injury “damages”).  This page will address loss of wages following an automobile accident:

I. Past Lost Wages: If you have lost wages as a result of the motor vehicle accident at the time your case is resolved, then you are entitled to be compensated for those past wages.

II. Present and Future Wage Loss or Impairment of Earning Capacity: If as a result of your car accident injuries you are no longer able to work, not able to work as much, or if you are in a lower paying job due to your injuries, you are entitled to claim damages for future wage loss. This may be true even if you are making the same money after the accident, but there is reason to believe (and you can prove) that you will not be able to work as long in your career due to residual medical problems from your car accident.
Following an automobile accident with personal injuries and wage loss damages, as your attorney I will evaluate if some of these losses may be recovered immediately through your personal injury protection (PIP) coverage.  However, since PIP is limited, the majority of the wage loss claim will need to be recovered at the time of settlement or trial.  Having an experienced New Port Richey Tampa Bay area attorney is of vital importance to collect wage loss damages.

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