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Differences Between Motorcycle & Car Accidents

The Differences Between Motorcycle and Car Accidents

Accidents are definitely dreadful, no matter which kind of vehicle is involved. Just the thought of accidents may send your mind into a loop of fear. They may cause a great deal of anxiety to the loved ones of accident victims and at the same time, there is a risk of loss of life. However, can we say a motorcycle and car accidents are legally the same? Of course not!

Let us take a look at a few differences between the two, for your clarity. The two vehicles differ in shape and size, therefore there are certainly many differences.

Differences between a motorcycle and car accidents

The difference in a protective structure

Motorcyclists frequently experience traumatic wounds in a mishap because of the absence of a protective structure. Dissimilar to vehicles, motorcyclists are not ensured by built-up steel confines, safety belts, and airbags. In that capacity, when a mishap happens, there is minimal shielding from the dangerous surroundings, such as injury from falling on the roads.

The difference in taking turns

Motorcycle accidents are frequently severe when the cyclist is hit at a wrong turn, while cars can still avoid that accident due to being seen more easily or due to honking before taking the turn. However, bikes usually come out suddenly, and therefore those accidents at turn can be catastrophic. There is, at times, no time to even realize that there is going to be a collision and the impact proves it.

Bad weather can affect motorcycle accidents more and car accidents lesser

The weather affects both the vehicles differently, a motorcycle may slip more during rain for example. However, at the same time, a car’s traction may not be as slippery and will have more protection from the rain due to windows. This will cause less distraction to a car’s driver than to a person riding a motorcycle. The rain can make the helmet wet as well, which lessens visibility, and if the helmet is taken off there is an increased risk of traumatic death.

Motorcycle Insurance is not Required

In accidents, motorcycle insurance is not required in the State of Florida, whereas minimal car insurance is mandated. The person with the car will at least have insurance to cover the first $10,000.00 under Florida law. Obviously, it is always advisable that motorcyclists should purchase insurance coverage regardless of whether or not it is legally mandated in the State of Florida.

The Motorcyclist may be Unfairly Blamed for the Accident

If a jury is deciding the case, there may unfairly be a juror or two that is prejudiced against While it is true that motorcyclists are blamed later on when it all comes down to the blame game. There may be a general perception that motorcyclists are more reckless and therefore are mostly the ones to blame. This is an unfair bias and does not recognize that most motorcyclists operate their bikes safely.

Roads can cause motorcyclists to lose control while cars can cross those hurdles

Potholes and debris from other vehicles can often cause motorcyclists to lose control and cause accidents, while the same is unlikely to those operating a car. This presents an additional hazard to motorcyclists.

People driving Cars May Leave the Scene After Causing an Accident

A concern is that people with cars may leave the scene after causing an accident. This can cause a great deal of stress for the injured party, however, drunk driving is too common, and therefore it causes a great deal of distress to other people on the road who are not at fault. Drunk drivers are prone to fleeing when they cause an accident when their senses are dulled.


Are the statistics of death greater in cars or more in motorcycle accidents?

The statistics show that the danger is far greater to a motorcyclist than the operator of a motor vehicle when there is an accident.  In motorcycle accidents. 5,458 motorcycle fatalities were reported in 2020. Conversely, car accident statistics are pro-rata not as high, even though they are also a leading cause of fatalities all over the world.

Do you need a lawyer after an accident?

Yes, a lawyer is needed for many reasons. First, most people after a motorcycle or car accident do not understand the money they are entitled to for a variety of things, such as pain and suffering and long-term medical care. Secondly, an investigation by a seasoned auto accident attorney is needed to determine all insurance coverages that may be available.

Will an attorney for an auto accident case cost me a lot?

No, not at all! At McPherson & Thomas, P.A. we have free consultations on all auto accident or motorcycle accident claims. If you decide to hire us, then we collect a 1/3 fee, but only once the case is settled or a successful verdict is obtained. If we do not win your case and no funds are collected, then you never owe us a penny.

Will not wearing a helmet increase fatality risk?

Not wearing a helmet greatly increases the risks of death or serious traumatic brain injury. It can also create some legal defenses for the person who caused the crash.

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