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Fact vs. Fiction: Dispelling Common Myths About Whiplash Injuries

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What distinguishes fact from fiction when you’re dealing with whiplash injuries? Whiplash can have a substantial influence on your life after an accident, so it’s important to know what to expect from this condition before you dive head-first into treatment.

McPherson & Thomas, P.A., can help you break down the myths about whiplash injuries while fighting for your right to car, truck, and motorcycle accident damages. You can meet with our team free of charge to learn more about your right to take a negligent party to court after an accident.

Myth: Whiplash Isn’t Real

True Fact: Far too many people believe that whiplash won’t affect them after an accident. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Some accident survivors can misattribute the symptoms of whiplash to other injuries or even go so far as to dismiss their condition as newly developed chronic pain.

Unfortunately, whiplash is real. The long-term effects of whiplash can see you deal with perpetual neck pain and limited mobility. These symptoms stem from the rapid movement of your head back and forth at the time of an impact. If your neck’s muscles and ligaments tear, you may have contracted whiplash and require medical attention to recover.

Moreover, whiplash has a place in personal injury cases. If you want to take legal action against another party after a negligence-based collision, you can list whiplash as one of the losses you sustained. Your claim may make a liable party financially responsible for your recovery.

Myth: Whiplash Immediately Causes You Pain

True Fact: Some people believe that whiplash immediately causes a person to feel pain in their neck and shoulders. This is not the case. While whiplash may do immediate damage to your neck muscles and ligaments, it may take a few days for the pain to settle in. You can attribute this delay to shock on top of the nature of whiplash as a condition.

It’s with whiplash’s delayed onset symptoms in mind that most professionals recommend that survivors like you seek out medical attention immediately following a severe accident. Medical professionals can help you get ahead of undetected whiplash while creating recovery plans for you to follow.

Medical professionals can also document the severity of your whiplash alongside your other injuries so you can understand the full breadth of your accident-related losses. You can later submit a medical professional’s findings as proof of your losses should you take up a personal injury claim against a liable party.

Myth: You Can’t Get Whiplash From a Minor Accident

True Fact: You can, in fact, get whiplash from a minor accident. Even low-speed accidents can put your neck muscles at risk for tears or strains. While you may be tempted to try and wave the consequences of a minor accident aside, it’s still in your best interest to disclose information about a recent collision to a medical professional as soon as you can after a crash.

Myth: Whiplash Heals Over Time

True Fact: Generally speaking, all wounds heal over time. However, whiplash requires professional treatment if you want to reduce your pain and regain – or retain – full motion of your neck. Untreated whiplash can see you contend with long-lasting neck pain on top of headaches and, in some cases, significantly reduced mobility.

If you work with medical professionals to assess the severity of your whiplash, you can begin physical therapy to restore full motion in your neck. You may also request pain management aids or long-term treatments that can reduce your overall pain.

Myth: You Can’t Hold Someone Financially Accountable for Whiplash

True Fact: Whiplash constitutes an economic loss after a personal injury accident. You have the right to demand fair compensation for whiplash expenses, alongside your other losses, when you reach out to an insurance provider. If you choose to sue the party liable for your recent accident, you can also integrate your whiplash expenses into your demand for compensation.

A knowledgeable personal injury lawyer can help you determine the dollar value of your whiplash-related losses before integrating that amount into your total demand for compensation. You can then go on to demand the support you deserve through a traditional trial or in out-of-court settlement negotiations.

Experienced Lawyers Can Integrate Whiplash Into a Damage Claim

Whiplash can still have a considerable influence on your health – and that’s a fact. Because whiplash tends to develop and worsen over time, it’s in your best interest to work with a doctor to take pre-emptive steps to treat accident-related whiplash.

You additionally have the right to include whiplash losses in a request for damages should you bring a personal injury claim against another negligent driver. The car accident attorneys with McPherson & Thomas, P.A., can walk you through the process of integrating whiplash into your damage estimate. 
You can call our attorneys at (727) 848-8892 or connect with us online to discuss your right to compensation for whiplash injuries.

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